Sacha Baron Cohen Apparently Unaware of Dutch 'Borat' Spin-Off Premiering Next Week An ad currently running on Variety is promoting something called Carmen Meets Borat , a documentary about a Romanian girl whose life is thrown into upheaval when Sacha Baron Cohen and co. substitute her village for the title character's Kazakh hometown in Borat . We use the term "promoting" loosely, however, unless you consider "inviting a lawsuit by alerting Cohen to your existence" is promoting:

Sasha B. Cohen London Amsterdam 17th of November 2008 Please mister Borat, Will you come to the world premiere of Carmen meets Borat, so that we can discuss our film? [...] A nice town and accommodation will be provided.
Awww! The ad leads to the sales agent's Dutch-language Web site , but as the ad notes (and as the festival's site confirms ), Carmen Meets Borat premieres next Sunday at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam — plenty of time for 20th Century Fox to draft a cease-and-desist note defending its Borat brand from the doc's portrait of "chaos," "Jealousy" and "suspicion," and hopefully enough time for Cohen to plot a way to introduce the scenario into Bruno . Does IDFA have a Fashion Week or Yes-on-8 component?