We all have Facebook status updates we'd like to take back or 3am emails we shouldn't have sent, but for Courtney Love, the bar for internet humiliation is considerably higher. Luckily, our girl Court is nothing if not ambitious on the self-immolation front, and over the weekend, she topped her "Yay for Proposition 8!" fiasco with around 40 blog posts on her Myspace page that hinted at suicidal feelings and a love of clothes. In other words: nothing new, but oh, the frequency! Now, Love has posted a Perez Hilton-directed epilogue in which she renounces blogging and blames the bad reception to her Myspacepalooza on a whisper campaign started by Madonna:

i apologize for the barrage of links , they didn't turn out the way i assumed style.com made it seem they would, as an illustrated story about how depression can attack anyone anywhere, and no i am not suicidal, occasionally very occasionally like all of us i get depressed, and that was over a year ago and i had a mini little depression attack well big one, and the Lanvin show made me happier. ...Perez its great you got to spend the week with midge i mean madge but i have this strange feeling your all of the sudden feeling a pull to insult me to please her, that's ridiculous,(in my humble opinion), in any case if shes talking or even vibing nasty comments about me, that's not very "letting in of the light" etc,of her, we have many mutual friends and as she says to me "My Parachute is Open" to her when we cross paths, and i now have a stylist who has refused to leave me for her, unlike before, that's really the only issue between us . that of employee and more important than employee stylist snatching. I have the perfect stylist for me, she has someone for her, i have also never used you when i have "needed" you, and played that card, as i just don't do that. ...Im sorry if anyone fell over and broke thier ankles in the reading of my "barrage" which i should have checked my space to see they were all going to be illustrated in one blog, i sometimes get pissed about the ridiculous nonsense and theft and share a teesny bit of it, yep a teensy bit, but basically im off blogging because you've upset my kid and embarrassed her and so have i, so ive apologized to her i hope you will too. ...have fun listening to "Miles Away" hey is that guitar plugged in? did i hear right that you said what ive been dying to say wich is straight up told her to get the thing off? thank YOU. shes a great dancer and performer and puts on great shows ( from what i hear) ( its not my thing musically) but when i see a guitar with no lead and it s not in the mix of the song i just think "BIG WOODEN NECKLACE" ALL I KNOW IS I SPENT MANY MANY MANY hours learning to play over many years and i still suck pretty hard but i write songs on it and it matters to me, guitars.

You matter to us, ghost flapper. We're a little broken-hearted that Courtney Love claims to be "off" blogging, but somehow we think that the next Marc Jacobs collection combined with a new really really good prescription might send her out of retirement, Jay-Z style. [Photo Credit: X17]