A cultural state of emergency was declared last night in Westwood, where those bulging queues outside the Mann Village became a full-blown tween riot commemorating Twilight's world premiere. Braver souls than we ventured into the shrieking maw of the beast, passing along word of a vampire-romance circus, black market and — God help us — an unofficial sequel announcement from the carpet. The whole bloody recap, after the jump:· The hundreds of Twilight freaks awaiting Monday's premiere became 2,500 by early evening, when studio reps at Summit Entertainment began shuffling ticketholders into the Village and the Bruin Theater down the street. The cops on the scene cited controlled but respectful chaos between hails of rubber bullets and urgent calls for bourbon reinforcements. · Meanwhile, last-minute ticket procural became a full-contact sport around town, reported THR:

All around town Monday, agency and studio assistants were frantic as they tried to secure for their bosses, all with expectant children waiting at home, both screening and party tickets. [...] We even got a few calls from suburban moms — now you know they're reaching — assuring us their tween daughters were "very talented journalists" and could we please, just please, make a few calls and see if we could get their daughters in.

Nice try, Denise Richards.

· Back outside, co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met their tearful fans, some of whom had come from as far as Honduras to gulp wildfire air and squeal urgent, carpet-side appeals to "bite them." And that was just the Entertainment Weekly staff. Nevertheless, the humble principals met attendees halfway with all the routine autograph/posing/hugs expected from the stars, with director Catherine Hardwicke putting a gold-plated gun to the franchise's head, teasing the moment when it all deafeningly cycles back a few years from now:

"The fans have to really come out in force if they want to see a second movie, because that book will be twice as expensive to make than the first because of the werewolves and special effects. Realistically, this one has to make $150 million to make the financiers think it is worthwhile. If this crowd is any indication, I have high hopes, but I’m also not uncrossing my fingers.”

· THR also notes that Seth Green, Larry David and Jamie Foxx were among the celeb guests getting touch with their inner 14-year old girl at the afterparty. Suckers.