Miley Cyrus hackers continue to represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the American tech sector, returning to haunt the Disney superstar once again over the weekend. This time around, however, the ambitious intruder bypassed Miley's generically scandalous shirt-chomping escapades in favor of spreading the much more dire gossip that she was dead . Spoiler alert: She's not! But that doesn't mean she won't seek vengeance anyway.E! saw through the stunt, blowing a golden opportunity to welcome Miley's ghost to last night's Daily 10 . Instead, host Michael Yo gave the whole game away from the start, prompting a gaping incredulity that Miley's BFF Mandy soon mitigated with her urgent MySpace update : "MILEY IS OK!! Some1 hacked our youtube account." Miley is naturally shocked , and the search is on to track down the culprit, despite investigators' lengthening list of suspects with both opportunity and motive . We'd look closely at Disney ourselves; Bolt can't rocket to number one this weekend on John Travolta's goateed charm alone.