Racist Columnist And Educator Sorry If You Were Offended Remember that column in the Murfreesboro (Tennessee) Post last week, in which the columnist rewrote the Jeffersons theme song for the Obama election? If you're a true music fan, you may recall the killer lyric, "Well we’re movin’ on up, To Washington, D.C. To a deee-luxe pimp pad, Painted whiiiite." Yes. Well that columnist is also, fittingly, a principal at one of the town's fine schools. And he's very sorry:

"Although my hobby as a columnist is not connected directly to my position as principal I should have known better than to attempt to find humor in a subject so sensitive to so many," Lewis wrote in an e-mail letter to parents obtained by The Daily News Journal through an open records request. "With all of that being said, I truly apologize to those of you who were offended by my comments."
To those of you who were not offended, sing along: "Yeah we’re movin’ on up, To the White House. I’ll be jetting with P. Diddy cross the sky." Har. [Tennessean . To Murfreesboro's credit, pretty much everybody there seemed embarrassed.]