The Frigid 50 Runs Cold. We used to look forward to Film Threat 's annual Frigid 50—their "line-up of the least-powerful, least-inspiring, least-intriguing people in Hollywood"—but a quick perusal of this year's countdown led us to wonder if the list itself hasn't become the nippily uninspired equivalent of shrunken wizard naughties . It tops out with a desperate cry for publicity by naming Heath Ledger Hollywood's most frigid—he's dead! Do you see how outrageous a claim that is?!—but it's the other occupants of the top ten that leave us even colder. Carmen Electra? Star Wars ? Pacino and DeNiro in separate entries? This list's dead on arrival. Shoulda been you, Heigl. Oh wait—you're there too, quite predictably, at #3. [Film Threat ]