Possessed Serial Killer Deidre Hall Loses 'Days' Gig In Soap Opera Restructuring It's true: Soap Opera Digest reports that Deidre Hall, who's played Days of Our Lives 's Dr. Marlena Evans for 32, um, colorful years , has been let go along with longtime screen partner Drake Hogestyn, aka John Black. Deidre was your run-of-the-mill soap diva until insane genius writer/producer James E. Reilly (himself a resent casualty of a more permanent, God-mandated downsizing ) took over and incorporated Satan-rape into the proceedings. In Marlena's memory, we revisit the classic Days exorcism scene, featuring Hogestyn as the vomit-splattered Man of God sent to drive out the ratings-goosing demons. It might be daytime TV, but this is some effectively scary shit—particularly when she starts stabbing her privates with an Itty Bitty Book Light. Video after the jump.