It was odd, wasn't it, that Britain's Guardian, of all publications, was first to report Hillary Clinton planned to become Barack Obama'sSecretary of State? The paper's DC bureau chief, according to today's Observer, "said... his source said he could use the information as long as he didn’t source it." One tipster of ours, apparently speaking speculatively, is certain the source has to be Sidney Blumenthal, who was a senior unpaid campaign advisor to Clinton during her campaign, was an aide in Bill Clinton's White House and — key detail — has a column at the Guardian, presumably handled by the DC bureau, since that's where he lives.

Circumstantial, sure, but we've yet to hear a better theory about the bizarre scoop.

Confusion reigns in the media over the Clinton situation generally; in the bizarro-world video above, Pat Buchanan defends her appointment from the right while the Daily Show knocks it from the left.