That whole Project Runway lawsuit, between the Weinstein Company and the television conglomerate they dissed, NBC/Universal, is never going to end. Well, not if Harvey Weinstein and NBC head brass Jeff Zucker can't play nice. The New York Times did a little status update for the lawsuit this morning (basically everything is the same: jilted ex-lover doesn't want to let the fashion design show go to its new middle-aged girlfriend Lifetime, because of first refusal contracts, allegedly) that brings up some bitchy new details about their relationship. Basically, Zucker thought the two honchos were besties that he'd never screw NBC over, but Weinstein says nuh-uh:

At a meeting in January 2007 between the two, Mr. Weinstein told Mr. Zucker: “You can only have in your life five true friends, and I consider you one of my five friends. And I’m telling you, I will not embarrass you.” ... When the Weinstein Company filed its reply to the lawsuit last month, it claimed that Mr. Weinstein told Mr. Zucker that a person “has about 15 friends in the business world” and that he considered Mr. Zucker to be “one of those friends.” The company denied, however, that Mr. Weinstein promised not to embarrass anyone.

Ohhh snap! Why does Harvey have to be such a big fat meanie! It's like this one time in sixth grade, I told Lauren Foley, who was dating my best friend Rob Sawtelle, something bad about Rob (he'd "cheated" on her!), and when Rob found out he was like "why'd you do it? you were my best friend!" and I hissed at him "you were never my friend." Soooo mean of me.