Bill O'Reilly, to paraphrase Jon Stewart, never gets out of his limo. The Fox News conservopundit loves to sit behind his desk and say crazy things about liberal enclaves that he never visits like Greenwich Village and San Francisco and then goes home to Manhasset on Long Island, where he lives. And, well, it's kind of hilarious! Recently Bill was on The Daily Show and warned us about all the liberal jive-talkers living in the Village, as if Bob Dylan were still roaming the streets. And then just this week he sent some "reporters" to gay, reefery San Francisco to find out what the secular, progressive city has spiraled into. And it's not pretty! Hobos smoking funny-smelling cigarettes everywhere. Hobos of all sorts! Young street punks, 60's washouts, black people. They're all shambling around, scaring people with babies with their open-mindedness and crazy un-Christian idea of not judging people. And, um, we were just there. It ain't that way. It all seems pretty nice to us. With fancy condos and well-heeled folks and hipster coffee shops out the wazoo. Though, I guess that's probably equally terrifying to the suburban boy. Watch his Greenwich Village stereotyping and San Francisco bashing (it's srsly hilarious) above.