Race-And-Gay-Baiting ABC Reporter Susan Donaldson James Unclear On Concept Of 'Double Indemnity' ABCNews.com was way ahead of the Prop 8 curve, promoting early debate on what would evolve into the hot button topic of the day with such non-award-winning reportage from the front lines of the sexual-orientation culture wars as "Stars' Gay Marriage Possible Career Suicide," and "H'wood's Bisexual Double Standard: Hot for Girls, Gross for Guys." Today, they once again enter the emotional fray, with a sensitively argued think-piece entitled "Prop 8 Sparks Gay-Black Divide: Wanda Sykes Comes Out Amid Black Homophobia and Interracial Division Between Gays." It begins:"When comedian Wanda Sykes disclosed during a rally in Las Vegas this week that she has been in a same-sex marriage since October, no one cheered louder than those who face the double indemnity of being black and gay." "Double indemnity?" Yes, growing up black and gay is a lot like a life insurance clause payable upon accidental death. Thanks for your keen, not-at-all-exploitative insights into this sensitive issue, Susan Donaldson James. Why aren't we surprised you also happen to be the writer of "Stars' Gay Marriage Possible Career Suicide?" Bonus STFU Link: D.L. Hughley explains to Dan Savage how he isn't "particularly homophobic, but when I read the bill, I found it confusing." Kind of like how we find his fame confusing, and the fact that CNN has given him a show confusing.