Anne Hathaway has been teasing us for a while now about her mysterious new companion Adam Shulman, dropping anonymous hints about her "sexy" rebound from Raffaello Follieri before being snapped by the fledgling actor's side on a recent New Orleans sojourn. And today, an "insider" has another, less romantic theory as to why Shulman puts up with Hathaway foraging crumbs from his dinner plate: He's using her.Or so says a source who tattled to Page Six: "Adam is known as an opportunist. When he was at Brown [University], he went after all the heiresses. It's like Anne is addicted to losers." Hold it — can you be more specific? Because we've heard Hathaway isn't what you'd call a cheap date, and nobody actually dates for love in this town anyway, do they? Then again, he got this far without having to vaccinate any poor kids or build someone a house, so maybe he is all about the shortcuts.