Yesterday we all heard about how a plane to London had to make an emergency landing because trouble-finding actress Winona Ryder had mysteriously fallen ill. Today, all the Brit tabloids are elaborating: she overdosed on Xanax and/or "tranquillisers." Anyway, if you're going to abuse downers, we've already endorsed Klonopin (to a stream of hate mail against advocating drug use!) Seriously, though: feels great, less filling! (Remember, they found unprescribed pills on her when she was popped for her 2001 clothes-stealing run.) She's probably better at getting scripts now. Wino is just like us!Haven't we all taken a little too much Xanax on the plane before? Or taken the Xanax and forgot that you took it and then had a glass of complimentary wine on an international flight, and then the flight attendant had to rouse you once everybody left the plane? Winona was said to have collapsed twice—Xannie does affect balance, and seriously, everybody who takes too much of it is such a stumblebum. Not just like us: our overdoses don't usually call for the "priority landing" of a plane. The Sun also reported she had her stomach pumped (how would they know?) but that's a definite treatment for a Xanax overdose, so there you go. The fact that an experienced pill-popper like Ryder wouldn't know the basic rules of benzo-taking is perhaps the most troubling component of this story.