It's the trend that wasn't: certain ladies are part of the new power elite of women who pay for their own travel via private jets. According to Private Air Daily, "[Dating columnist] Julia Allison and fellow Internet glamour girls Mary Rambin and Meghan Asha, stars of Bravo's upcoming reality show It Girls, [rumored show -Ed], are emblematic of a growing feminization of the [private jet] flight ceiling." With the show and their startup Nonsociety in mind, it's time to step right up and dance like monkeys to perform the art of the shill:

"Allison and crew are the ultimate examples of a new form of digital elite: young women with the money and means to fly around the world on private jets to meet with multi-media executives, attend tech conferences and essentially broadcast their lives 24/7 to an ever-growing cadre of online fans."

Haha, no they're not, and they'll admit it. As JA herself says, "Great Moments in Journalism, Part 739. Wherein They Present Something Which Is Not Really The Case and We Go Along With It." This, friends, is the high cost of fameballing. You, the Brand.