It's tough to really follow an act like Emma Thompson being bitten in the neck by a terrifying foxpire , only to later foam at the mouth and sprout orange fur as she joins their immortal, chicken-preying ranks. But come on—18-year-old Twilight star Kristen Stewart didn't even try on Late Show last night. What we're trading in here is not your garden variety stuck-up Hollywood ennui, however, but a sort of starlet savante social ineptitude that can swiftly put both audience and host on edge. (See: Farmiga, Vera. ) We blame both parties for this mini-trainwreck, however, as Stewart is hardly a neophyte to the Hollywood scene—that was her cowering next to Jodie Foster in Panic Room —and Letterman should know better than to use his verbal flaying-knives on a chick who has the air of that cutter in the corner of your homeroom. Nothing really good could come of that—though there's no denying the brilliant scarlet splatter of "Let's hope it's Berlin." [Late Show ]