It's funny and meta to watch Julia Allison get profiled. Since she's already done all the work for us in real time—chronicling her thoughts and moods and outfits on her blog—a profile seems beside the point and out of date by the time it goes to print—we've already seen those outfits and photos, and we already know what events she's been to. Journalists are usually left baffled upon their first introduction to the JA force of nature—when we've been collectively getting her IMs for years! Australia is just now catching on to this Internet fameball/oversharing thing, putting Allison on the cover of a magazine—and including her close personal friend, and also our former editor, Emily Gould. (At this point, Em seems like she wants to erase the Internet and spend a month in a sensory-deprivation chamber.) The profile is very similar to Allison's Wired cover story, except for perhaps the journalist's outright dislike for her subjects.She calls Allison's two sidekicks Mary and Megan "equally terrifying alpha girlfriends." (Touché!) Also: "I meet Gould in the painfully sceney Balthazar cafe in New York’s Soho (her choice)." Dang. However, we finally learn how Julia thinks her baffling Nonsociety startup will earn money!

"Her plan, however, is to earn a living from product endorsement on her nonsociety site. As she goes to great lengths to emphasise, this has never been done before, so its chance of success is uncertain (my conclusion, not hers)."

We knew it... although who knows if that will work. Blueprint Cleanse, anyone? Betsey Johnson? Cupcakes? May we interest you in a designer handbag?