When the NYT Company slashed its dividend and announced ominous October revenues yesterday, we asked you, our kindly readers: Might this company go into bankruptcy? If so, when? And if not, what should they do? Many of you answered! And virtually every viable option for the company was suggested at least once. The Sulzberger family should just read the following list of your responses and pick one, depending on how optimistic they're feeling today:
The optimist:

Never [will they go bankrupt]!

The alternatives:

Take it private Arthur!

The falling stock price seems more likely to impact the ability of the Sulzberger family to keep control of the company.

Maybe it's time for The New York Times to do what The Guardian did— put the paper in something like The Scott Trust and invest in whatever will keep it going in perpetuity and out of the hands (and whims) of private ownership and advertising dependency.

The pessimists—bankruptcy predictions:

Before 1st quarter results are announced. Maybe a week before

bloomberg buys it 3rd Q. '09.