So much has gone down on The View since Rosie O'Donnell quit that it feels like ancient history when O'Donnell reopens those old wounds for some extra publicity, but we made an exception yesterday because her reaction video to Barbara Walters's smackdown was succinct and cute. Sadly, if O'Donnell's appearance on Conan last night is any indication, the View-Bashing Express in her head is running on a circular track.Instead of coming up with some new jokes (as we've heard comedians are wont to do), O'Donnell did an almost verbatim reprise of her shtick from the video. Intern Stacey Fitzgerald put together a comparison clip above; let's hope that by the time O'Donnell relates this story to Ne-Yo and Liza Minnelli on Rosie Live, she can at least work in a pirate shirt joke or two.