E!'s Kristin Dos Santos brings us more news on the suddenly snowballing Arrested Development movie, including the new information that the film is budgeted at $15 million (around what we'd estimate the theatrical ceiling is for this property, though homevid sales should be killer). However, her most interesting tidbit, divulged to her by a principal cast member wishing to remain anonymous, is what the reaction is to someone (cough Michael Cera cough) who's not so keen on the big screen transfer:

"Yes, it's a go," an Arrested castmember who asked not to be named tells me. "We're all very excited. And it will happen with or without the holdout." Wait a minute...The holdout? Yes, I'm also told exclusively by multiple sources that one of the show's original castmembers has not signed on to the movie... "Yeah, [he or she] might not do it," an actor says of this costar. "However, I do know that we will do the project with or without [him or her]."

So who spilled the beans to Dos Santos? Though we want to believe it was a tipsy Jessica Walter (we'd like to believe she never, ever breaks character), Dos Santos has a history of ringing up Jason Bateman for scoop (examples one, two, and three), and his picture even adorns the post in question. We firmly hope that Bateman can convince his on-screen son that family — not breakfast, nor the possibility of a Superbad 2 payday — is the most important thing.