Jennifer Aniston's face adorns the cover of this week's New York Times Magazine. Despite her current remarks in the interview therein about how annoying it is when people take camera phone pictures of her and sell them to feed their family, Ms. Aniston would like to reassure you that she loves images of herself as much as you do. After all, she's done photo shoots with about 8,000 magazines this month, most of which have already folded. Is she a hypocrite? We'll give her a break, and let the author of The Rules give her some helpful advice about dealing with her anger:Despite posing for Vogue and every other magazine imaginable, Aniston only likes it when the mainstream media profits for her image, as she relates in the NYT interview:

Q: How much do you hate cameras on phones? A: My favorite move is when people pretend that they’re on the phone and they kind of dial and take the picture at the same time. You hope they’re doing it for themselves — that they're not thinking, I’m going to dine out on you.

Yes, Jen, an image of you is worth about 5.2 meals in this economy. They're just doing what they can to survive. The New York Post, perhaps miffed that they didn't get their own cover of Aniston scowling, quoted author of The Rules Ellen Fein with some advice for Jen:

"Breaking up is never easy, but it doesn't have to be humiliating...Never mention Brad's or John Mayer's name in public. Also, don't say any thing bad about him ("he's missing a sensitivity chip"). Never talk about Angelina or call her "uncool," even if she was uncool. She does not exist in your world. Never date a man or take a man back who humiliated you publicly or held a press conference to explain your breakup. Go to parties where there are lots of single men and ask everyone you know to set you up. You're going to be 40 soon. You have no time to waste if you want kids."

Yipes. Screens Goddess [NYT]