To really love Alan Ball's HBO show True Blood, you have to get past a few things. Namely, the wacky special effects, the terrible Louisiana accents, and the fact that in a month or so, most of you will groan whenever you hear the word 'vampire.' We already described the mediocre adapation of Twilight that won the weekend's box office, but in comparison, tonight's season finale of True Blood is Shakespeare. Really, Anna Paquin's Sookie Stackhouse is just so much more fun than Twilight's Bella Swan could ever be, and tonight, she'll try to solve the mystery of who's been killing folks in Bon Temps, Louisiana. All that and more, after the jump.Aided by the attention given to its young adult sibling, Charlaine Harris' series of Sookie Stackhouse murder mysteries is miles beyond Twilight and goes on for many more books. I'm halfway through the third, and I can't recommend them highly enough if you want a more sophisticated campy vampire romance. Sookie's relationship with vampire Bill Compton (played by British actor Stephen Moyer) has been a resounding success in its television incarnation, reaching a ratings high last week and improving throughout its first season. That means the something for everybody show will probably be coming back after tonight's end to the 12 episode season. Here's the rest of the bare pickings from the Thanksgiving Week to come. All times Eastern, watcher beware... Tonight: 24: Redemption (8 pm on FOX): Jack Bauer is still fighting terrorism, this time in Africa. And there's a female president...just when Hillary was starting to get OK with accepting the Secretary of State post. Runs two hours. Dexter (9 pm on Showtime): Last episode's ending was absolutely wild, and this show is always at its best when it brings rival killers together. A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All (10 pm on Comedy Central): Richard had the great preview clip earlier this week. Airs again at 12 pm. Entourage (10 pm on HBO): The crew is in New York City, and Gus Van Sant guest stars. That being the case, you can pretty much figure out which cast member will be emerging from the closet. Monday:

How I Met Your Mother (8 pm on CBS): Ted has a nude encounter with Robin's date, as viewers count the days until the Ted and Robin wacky roommates storyline mercifully ends. Bring back Sven!
Heroes (9 pm on NBC): The preview suggests that most of the Heroes will be losing their abilities this week, which will get the show renamed People Without Powers until it's mercifully canceled. Tuesday: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (8 pm on ABC): The 1973 classic gets an update with a CGI Snoopy. No, I'm just kidding, Snoopy's junk is intact. This program also reruns on Thursday at the same time. Fringe (9 pm on FOX): Butterflies have a weird magic property, and it turns out Massive Dynamic is the cause of the problem, probably. The Mentalist (9 pm on CBS): Pairing new episodes on Tuesdays with reruns on Friday has been a recipe for ratings success, and this show is the class of the procedural genre. Dancing With The Stars (9 pm on ABC): Warren Sapp, Lance Bass and Brooke Burke face off in what has to be the easiest Fuck, Marry, Kill of all time. Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus perform. The Shield (10 pm on FX): The series finale for this incredible cop show.

Wednesday: Rosie Live (8 pm on NBC): Was I crazy to think that the promo for this was funny? O'Donnell was a talented comedian, but that was a long time ago, and we're asking too much to think a hourlong variety show from her could be entertaining. The 2008 World Magic Awards (8 pm on MyNetwork): Neil Patrick Harris hosts this retrospective on the year in magic. Hopefully they'll be able to answer the question of what the hell happened in the David Blaine Central Park stunt, because I still have no idea. Thursday: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (9 am on NBC): I'll be watching to see the scariest float in history in action. The Incredibles (8 pm on NBC): Might as well make it a Thanksgiving tradition, since it costs too much to go to the theaters and see Bolt. Fox counter-programs with the dreadful Adam Sandler comedy Click about hating your family so much you want to fast-forward past them. Friday: Nothing but leftovers and regrets.