New York magazine broke news of a new gig for Silda Wall Spitzer, wife of the disgraced, whoring former governor: The former corporate attorney will try and "recruit new investors" (good luck with that) for a hedge fund run by some of her husband's old friends. It's a living, and is already helping her look less victim-y and dependent. Less wisely, Silda's husband is thinking about writing a book. Not one that grapples with the hooker thing and maybe clears the air, allowing him to walk past construction sites without getting snickered at, mind you, but one returning him to the holier-than-thou position that once made him so reviled:

According to a source close to him, it would be an expansion of his recent Washington Post op-ed offering advice to Barack Obama’s administration on tackling the “root causes of the mistakes that have brought us to the economic precipice.”

Unfortunately, Spitzer's advice on economics is about as welcome as, say, John Edwards' on helping poor people. Which is too bad, because he's as familiar with the systemic flaws of Wall Street as anyone in the incoming administration. But he'll be primarily known as That Whore Guy until he starts talking about the hooker thing again.