Maybe it shouldn't be a surprise that Liz Smith lit after Madonna's ex so brutally in the Post today; she seems to just love Madonna. The singer's ex-husband Guy Ritchie, not so much: Smith writes that all three times the director worked with Madonna, Madonna played some kind of abused character, and so everyone should wonder if this "reflect[ed] home life — a meek and conciliatory Madonna." After implying Ritchie is a wife beater, Smith moved on to painting him as a gold digger; though the Times of London said Ritchie's divorce settlement would include "not a penny" of Madonna's fortune, Smith said he got much more:

Guy Ritchie gets about $70 million. He is not walking away "without a penny." Please! He was no poor boy picked up from nowhere; so now he has to be compensated to support the life to which he has become accustomed. Guy Ritchie had a name and considerable cash when he and Madonna married. He's earning about $4 million right now for directing "Sherlock Holmes." But once you taste the really high life, you hold on if you can.

Elsewhere in the Post, Alex Rodriguez's ex-wife complained that Madonna stole the Yankees slugger away from his kids for Thanksgiving. Rodriguez is said to like "a woman with a strong hand." Sounds like this one will be less mouthy than that awful Guy Ritchie!