Now that the calendar is walking out of your life, here is a quick and dirty guide to how you can stay up to date on tech:

  • Gary's Guide: This is by far my favorite. It's not only easy to navigate, it's industry specific. As long as the site isn't down, you'll save time and effort with Gary.
  • Upcoming: Since it's mostly used by tech geeks like you, almost all of the popular events on relevant to tech. Though if you're not just looking at the popular events, the sheer number of events can tax anyone's patience.
  • Scoble on Tech: A good resource if you want someone to cull Upcoming for events where hardcore Twitter users cluster. But if you're Valleycentric it's not.
  • Andrew Mager: Has more time to network than God. Where tech is, Andrew is.
  • Techvenue: Aggregates events from several different sites. If you don't mind clutter (it doesn't screen for duplicate listings), every obscure user group seems to be represented.
  • Friend Feed Search: Are you feeling lucky? Try searching "party SF," and see what the twitter feed has to offer.
  • Facebook: As good as the people you know. (See Andrew Mager.)
  • Craigslist: The layout is terrible and search feature is worse. Unless you're also in the market for a free mattress, avoid.
  • Eventbrite: You can get a nice selection of conferences. But it's more useful if you're browsing aimlessly. The sort by start date feature is wonky when searching by location.
  • San Jose Mercury Business & Tech Events: Perfect if your looking for a class to improve your business English; otherwise it is hit or miss.
  • Going: Use if you like networking in 'da club because this is pretty much where electronica fans unite.
  • Yelp: A bit like shopping at TJ Maxx. You have to sift through a lot of crap but every so often there is event gold.

Did I miss something? Help a colleague out and put your favorite event website in the comments.