Pownce cutie-in-chief Leah Culver gets a lot of hate from Valley boys. Guys, don't hate her because she's beautiful. Love her because she suffers, just like you. First at the hands of a cheating man, second at the hands of the Valleywag scumbucket who posts her unpublished 2 A.M. tweet about it:

Subject: Leah Culver tip Date: November 25, 2008 8:18:10 AM PST To: tips@valleywag.comHey guys, Saw this last night, and it was too good not to send to you. Leah Culver posted this Tweet around 2AM EST last night: "leahculver: Left a nice guy, @[REDACTED], for a cheating one, @[ALSO REDACTED, BECAUSE WE CARE]. Oversharing? Probably. Seems like my dating mistakes are already public record." She has since deleted that Tweet.