The backlash against Somali pirates is already backlashing upon itself—proving that you just cannot fuck with pirates successfully! The Indian Navy thought it was being hardcore when it sunk an alleged pirate "mother ship" off the African coast last week. They must have forgotten that worldwide favor being heaped upon the Somali pirate lifestyle renders them invincible! Just click and watch the video clip above—the pirates are giving sympathetic interviews to CNN already. Casting themselves as freedom fighters, of a sort! More than you can say for the anti-pirate forces. Because the Indian Navy's big attack may not have gotten any pirates at all:

As if things weren’t chaotic enough in the Gulf of Aden: a suspected pirate ship that was sunk last week by the Indian Navy now appears to have actually been a Thai fishing trawler, according to CNN, which cites the ship’s owner.

Apparently pirates were trying to take the ship, when the navy moved in and blew the whole thing out of the water! Bad move. You know who will have a lot to say about this? The media. (Especially us.) [The Lede]