Mariah Carey wants an Oscar, and we're thrilled to announce that she actually has a shot: Her Straight-to-Flopz™ indie Tennessee will launch its required theatrical qualifying run next month in L.A. and New York, clearing the way for the telecast-challenged Academy to welcome Carey to perform her potential Best Original Song nominee "Right to Dream." And Mariah. Can't. Wait.Nor can we, despite the low odds for Carey to pull a Grobanesque showstopper that the Oscarcast most certainly needs. Her reasoning is much purer, however, not so unlike the dulcet tones of her awards-hopeful and the heart-squeezing, Willie Nelson-aided sincerity at its core:

The song, says Carey, is from the perspective of her Tennessee character Krystal, an aspiring singer. "The song has its own arc," Carey said. "She begins by telling us where she started, like she lays in bed and wonders where she left herself. A lot of people go through that sort of thing. It’s kind of about empowerment."

Don't be modest, Mariah! Only the chosen few lay in bed the morning after Glitter's premiere, wondering if anyone will let them near a script again. But that's the Oscars' Best Song category — the culmination of pimp fantasias, street-musician moxie and, in 2008, Mariah Carey laying waste to Miley Cyrus. Dreams do come true here.