Back in March, we learned that Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and told he had mere weeks to live. Since that time, the actor has steadily held on, even shooting the upcoming A&E drama The Beast (set to premiere in January). Sadly, word is now out that Swayze's cancer has spread to his liver:

Swayze, 56, told Lisa, his wife of 33 years, and his brother Donny that he doesn't have long to live.

"Lisa phoned Donny in Los Angeles and told him he need to come to Chicago, where Patrick has been filming TV show The Beast. She was crying and scared Donny to death," the source told National Enquirer.

"Donny got the impression his brother was already on his deathbed because Lisa was saying Patrick wanted to say goodbye. She couldn't stop crying."

Swayze has been undergoing pioneering Cyberknife radiotherapy at California's Stamford University Medical Centre, and had been making a steady recovery from the illness.

In August, one of our tipsters at the Chicago shoot of The Beast wrote in to say, "Patrick does NOT look good, even in full makeup, very sunken and worn, frail even. Beautiful day for a shoot, not too hot or humid, but the poor guy should really slow down and stop pushing himself." Sad news all around, and best wishes to Swayze's family.

[Photo Credit: Splash]