Following the New York Times' non-bombshell "exposé" about how Angelina Jolie expertly controls her image and weaseled People magazine into only running good coverage on her and her family, People fired back denying everything. And, yawn, now the whole non-issue has carried over to Washington Post sadsack Howard Kurtz's CNN show Reliable Sources. Kurtz spoke with people like an Extra junket correspondent who basically said what we all knew: that every celebrity blurb is heavily padded and protected and handled. Duh. Let's not treat frigging press junkets like some serious journalistic endeavor. They are the exact opposite. People editor Larry Hackett was on too, and he made only one thing clear:

His magazine, big national popular Time Inc. owned thing that it is, can't handle its press as well as lil' old Angelina Jolie. The Times piece was basically an unveiling of celebrity glossy coverage policy that everyone knew already. People is always nice to everyone. Booooring. But all they gave was one little comment denying the thrust of the article. Jolie should teach a class at the Learning Annex. "How to Leverage Your Coverage" or something. Hackett could learn a thing or two.

The whole RS segment is embedded below and is kind of silly except for two things: First, fun archival footage of a CNN Angelina Jolie interview where she raps an interviewer on the knuckles for asking about her rumored pregnancy. And second, Kurtz calling Jolie "the wild, slutty wife of Billy Bob Thornton."

Wild and slutty, baby. Wild and slutty.