By George: Here at Defamer, we've made it no secret that we didn't really care for Frost/Nixon (in the crowded cinematic genre that is "movies that employ a titular blackslash," we still have a soft spot for Face/Off). But could our opinions have been swayed by the suavest, most-mustachioed actor/director around, George Clooney? Writer Peter Morgan says Clooney made a full-court press for the helming gig: "(Clooney) said things like, 'We are really going to kick ass with this!' Not going with him was a complete fucking agony because he suggested doing some script work at his house by Lake Como - at which point my wife was just shaking her head." We can see it now: noted Clooney wingman Mark Wahlberg as Richard Nixon. "Hey there, Frostie. Say hi to your mother for me!" [Daily Express]