A nasty little internet troll may recently have sent you an email with the subject line, " 'Jews Have Ruined Our Country.'" But the message didn't come from an anti-semite; it came from the Anti-Defamation League, which is trying to prevent Jews from being blamed for the financial crisis, by spreading blame for the financial crisis to Jews. The idea, of course, is to drum up preemptive outrage among recipients of the mass email by quoting some bigots. Trouble is, the inflammatory subject line is pretty much all they got.

When you read the full email, below, it soon becomes clear the "ruined our country" line came from an internet message board, pretty much the absolute bottom of the information food chain. And it's not even clear what, exactly, was said; there is no link, and the context-free quote is actually "[Jews] have ruined our country."

Not to say there isn't any scapegoating going on at all, but, come on, this is a total race-bait-and-switch. Subprime hate, if you will. We'd "Report As Spam" with unextreme prejudice.