The cast members (and executive producers) of the MTV's Real World Brooklyn will be doing a very, very important Q&A at the Paley Center for Media this Friday. They are actually charging money for tickets. If you go to the website you can write in the questions you would like the panelists to be asked. We had a few "questions" of our own!

1. This question is for the cast: what are your thoughts on Warhol? Do you see yourselves as carrying on his tradition?

2. For Sarah (the "the hot, tattooed house rebel," according to the NY Press): Do you really and truly think your Beatles-quotes tattoos were a good idea?

3. To the cast: Freud often said that a woman's handbag is a stand-in for the vagina. Agree/disagree?

4. To the cast: Have you read Joseph O'Neill's new novel Netherland yet? If so, do you agree with New Yorker critic James Wood's assessment that it is "perhaps one of the most important post-colonial novels of our time"?

5. To the ex-military cast member: How do you feel about private contractors, mercs, and war profiteering? Please answer in fifteen words or less.

6. To the female cast members: Does the camera really add 10 pounds? Do you think you'll look fatter than you actually are on TV? Probably, right?