· There are no words. [via BWE.tv]
· The LAT reviews the second phase of L.A. Live: "It actively discourages any of the activities we traditionally associate with the use of collective space in a city: talking, reading, sitting under a tree, even pausing with a friend for a cup of coffee. Anybody who tried to do any of those things in the L.A. Live plaza, which is filled with both yelping video displays and security guards, would look not just out of place but foolish." Quick! Run to the parking structure before we go blind or are forced to interact!
· No one knows the double indemnity facing "macho, non-metro actors" who take on gay roles better than Sean Penn.
· Natalie Portman's vegan shoe empire crumbles.
· Yo—Emily chick, with the bangs and the cats and the little black tunic? You're busted. [via BoingBoing]
· We see ET finally had the decency to drop the "In The Head"-part from their exclusive headline. Stay classy, guys.
· Only three more days to get your sleighpass for LASantacon.
· Which reminds us—it's time to pick up this year's Christmas Tree!