Arianna Huffington had some good advice for aspiring bloggers on the Daily Show tonight — blog your passion, go with your first impression — but her most important technique was communicated only implicitly, by way of example: Promote the hell out of yourself. From a brief guest stint on the Comedy Central show, Huffington gleaned exclusive backstage video for her own site, negotiations to have host Jon Stewart blog for her exclusively, a big plug for her "Complete Guide To Blogging" book and a televised recruiting call for free writers for her "blogging the meltdown" project.

The Daily Show promotes the book which funnels free labor to the blog which supports that $100 million valuation Huffington just scored, and a vanishingly small percentage of the people involved in the food chain are getting paid.

Now that little racket would make for a good how-to book. Begrudgingly admire it in action in the clip above (including the best bit of the backstage stuff!).

UPDATE: Twitter pretty much hated her. Which is kind of beside the point: None of you nerds was going to write/slave for her anyway!