Sure, the gates of pop culture hell have been flung open today, but we're going to fend off Cerberus (he's been barking outside Defamer HQ all morning, and with three heads, it's a little noisy) until we get our Arrested Development movie, dammit! Today's update comes courtesy of one of the show's stars, who not only confirms involvement in the film but offers word of a start date, marvelously slams a current network series, and gives tentative comments on the Michael Cera imbroglio.

The current addition to the film's confirmed cast? None other than Defamer love object Jessica Walter! During an interview with PopWrap, Walter diplomatically addressed her 90210 downsizing, but immediately kicked the CW show to the curb when talk turned to the Arrested Development movie:

PW: How much have you missed working on "Arrested"?
Jessica: Now there was a show! I do miss it, I miss the people and I miss the writing. Mitch Hurwitz ["Arrested Development" creator], so brilliant!

PW: How did you get the official word?
Jessica: They called me and asked if I was on board. It was like "duh!" No question whatsoever.

PW: Are you looking forward to having the gang back together again?
Jessica: It is exciting - how they'll ever get everybody involved together, I have no idea. Luckily that's not my problem.

PW: What about rumors that Michael Cera won't be returning?
Jessica: I don't know about that, but how about him? It's funny, he's the nicest, quietest, most laid-back kid - and he was on the show too. You just didn't think that this guy was going to be a huge movie star. He was so quiet, so non-showbizzy. I mean, I'm not surprised because he's so talented, but it happened so fast - within a year.

Walter goes on to say that filming will begin in the spring or summer, provided the script is finished in time. Then, she throws a bone to the hardcore fans:

PW: I know there are a lot of gems, but does anything stand out for you as a favorite line?
Jessica: One of my favorites, because it was so delightful, was this scene in a restaurant with Portia [de Rossi] and a waitress comes over and says something about a fried or smoked sandwich, and Lucille says something like "I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it." That was just so crazy and so real - this poor little blonde trashbox waitress - that was my favorite amongst many, many brilliant pieces of dialogue.

Madam, we raise a vodka gimlet in your honor. Now if you'll excuse us, Cerberus is hungry, and the Hot Pockets? They do nothing!