We weren't kidding yesterday when we expressed relief at teen-sex romp The Reader having supplanted Twilight as the movies' hottest new youth movement. Still, after Twilight's massive 62% box-office plunge in its second week of release, and with the only the random, pot-gorging snapshot of Kristen Stewart to replace that long-running plague of EW covers, we can't help our sniffling, lonely-ish concern at the edge of the black hole where Twilight used to be. But thankfully, we've found the one place in the world where the vampire romance remains a holdover — and how!

The one industry observer still paying attention points us today to the IMDB STARmeter, that infallible bellwether of influence and status where the young, cheap cast of Twilight has retained control of the entire top 10. While yes, we know this is subject to change as America primes itself for forthcoming star vehicles like DiCaprio/Winslet's wily thigh-groping exercise Revolutionary Road, but the point remains: This is an unprecedented feat of durability in an era when the average attention span for cultural phenomena is roughly one week. How can the aggregate data of 57 million monthly users be wrong?

OK, fine. You can forget it again.