Shenae Grimes's big break came when she was cast in Degrassi III: The Search for Joey Jeremiah, only the most recent incarnation of the long-running Canadian teen drama. She then went on to nab the central role on The CW's much-hoopla'd 90210, rendering the Canadian actress a full-fledged U.S. American celebrity—instantly sending her on a nerve-wracking crash quest to rid herself of telltale Torontoisms like pronouncing sorry "sore-y" and smiling a lot for no reason. Upon returning to her native land to attend this year's Gemini Awards ("Celebrating semi-outstanding achievement in Canadian television since the Mulroney administration™"), however, Grimes was reportedly less than magnanimous to the modest, beaver-rearing stock from which she came:

"Who is even here worth talking to anyway?" she was overheard saying in front of a lineup that included national bigwigs Entertainment Tonight Canada and eTalk.

She somehow managed to cram all of that ego backstage, where she waved off the media room. "I try to f—king avoid all that sh-t," she was heard saying. She must have been all blabbed out from that People magazine feature, where she denied being difficult to work with, partying too much, and having an eating disorder. She certainly put the latter rumour to rest. "She demanded to know where her dinner was," a source says.

One wave of a handler's hand and Grimes's dinner had almost magically appeared—but the nascent diva flipped over the plate of Tim Hortons Timbits smothered in brown gravy as if it were the most disgusting thing she had ever seen. There's no pleasing some girls.