ET has been pumping its first look of Terminator: Salvation this Tuesday, to be presided over by none other than the world's most recognizably uni-named pop-spectacle-overseer himself, McG. (Eat his dust, Tarsem.) Today, however, we bring you the promo to the promo. It's as fitting an exclusive as we are likely to find for you on this, Pop Culture Doomsday: A fourth sequel to a picked-over Schwarzenegger franchise about a battle for human survival after a nuclear annihilation. Doesn't get any more apocalypto than that!

But wait one second—what's that huge thing at the end there? The one that looks like it's about to fold into a Ford F-350 Super Duty? It's obviously supposed to be some kind of spectacular CGI set piece, but we're getting a little too much McBay here, and not enough WASP-Brett Ratner. Bring back the T-5000 American Standard Urinalbots—the ones that sang Garbage songs and came with their own deodorant cakes. Those were way cooler, and are just begging for McG's porcelain-glossy, music video sensibilities. [ET]