Chris Matthews made some fabulously entertaining television in May when he schooled a right-wing pundit pretending to know who Neville Chamberlain was and why Barack Obama was just as awful. Then he did it again to Michele Bachmann when the Republican Congresswoman tried to slyly say all liberals and entire certain states were anti-American. Now he's just going all GOTCHA! on everyone, constantly, embarrassing himself in the process, like in the attached clip.

A reasonable New York Congressman (Gregory Meeks) said something credibly sensible about how we should bail out the incompetent American auto industry, but only for the sake of the workers, and we should basically nuke the management.

Matthews proceeded to basically scream "HA! BUT DON'T YOU DRIVE A HONDA Y/N?!?," even though Meeks just got done saying American car companies suck, so owning a Honda (probably made in Alabama) in no way makes him a hypocrite.

Then Matthews does the same gotcha thing to a Republican Congressman, which makes even less sense, since that guy (former far-right California attorney general Dan Lungren) wants to let U.S. car companies go bankrupt.

We'd speculate Matthews is doing this to score points with blue-collar voters in Pennsylvania, where he wants to be a senator, but that gives the shouting head too much credit; "catching" people is the new way Chris Matthews gets a thrill up his leg and he's going to keep hammering on it until MSNBC finally fires him or something else works better at making him feel relevant in Keith Olbermann's shadow.

(He tried to do something similar to Robert Reich last month, by the way, and similarly failed to have a point. He also called the Chevy Volt the "Ford Volt" and later the "GM Volt.")