A-Rod Like a Virgin With Madonna

  • Alex Rodriguez said he isn't shagging Madonna. Sure. He's just hanging in Miami, Mexico City and Brazil with her, platonically, and maybe buying an apartment with her, platonically, and meeting secretly with her in restaurants, as friends. He also denied riding on a private jet with Madonna, so I guess this is supposed to be someone else who was photographed with her?
  • Breaking: George Clooney flirted with a pretty bartender in London. He first met her a year ago, so is basically stalking her. [Sun]
  • Heath Ledger's old landlord can't lease his apartment, probably more because of the economy and the $26,000-per-month rent, we're guessing, than due to concerns over morbidity. [P6]
  • Ron Perelman's latest messy-divorce-related lawsuit is finally over. The daughter involved in the billionaire's custody dispute is now a teenager. [P6]
  • Maybe Miley Cyrus is going to divorce her parents! Sure, her publicist denies it, but someone did write into a gossip column to ask about it. And there's precedent. So let's all keep talking about. [E!]
  • Gordon Ramsay's purported lover, an adultery expert and author, was kicked off an adultery website for doing adultery horribly incorrectly. [P6]