Yesterday's 500 layoffs at NBC Universal would have been a bigger story if not for the 850 layoffs at Viacom on the same day. CNBC—which is currently the go-to media outlet for the economic story of a generation—may have talked its way out of trouble (a bit). The Post says CNBC had 55 layouts yesterday, rather than the 80 that were predicted. And they've wisely shut down their most superfluous show:

The Big Idea, hosted by ad man and Douchebag Award Winner Donny Deutsch, is being put "on hiatus." Which is a euphemism for "you suck."

An insider with knowledge of the situation tells TVNewser the idea of a "success show" is not right in this economic climate.

CNBC should just to start up a "failure show" instead. Also hosted by Donny Deutsch. [NYP, TVNewser]