Remember the last month of the campaign, when Barack Obama and David Plouffe would not stop emailing you begging for money? Oh, we need all the money in the world to beat these evil Republicans, they whined. It's all up to you! Send us a dollar or you won't get to abort your baby who'll be drafted to fight in Iraq for 100 years! Well it turns out they were running against an erratic old nut and his slow friend from church, and so even after they wasted a zillion extra dollars in the last three days of campaigning, the Obama campaign still ended up with $30 million left in the bank. $30 million!

What will they do with the extra $30 million? Will they give it to homeowners facing foreclosure? No, they can't. Will they give it to starving widows to heat their hovels? No, not allowed. They will probably either give it to the Democratic National Committee or they'll roll it over to their 2012 reelection campaign, ads for which you will begin seeing in three months or so.

There's one more charity case that really could use that $30 million, though, what with the holidays and all. Sadly, there's not much they can do:

What is not an option for Mr. Obama is to help Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton with paying off the debt from her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

According to reports filed last month, Mrs. Clinton is still struggling to retire about $7.5 million, and she faces fund-raising constraints should Congress approve her as secretary of state in the Obama administration. Mr. Gross said the most the Obama campaign could transfer to her was $2,000.