Why does the public not sufficiently appreciate the hardworking people at OK! magazine? Last month there were rumors that Richard Desmond, the billionaire British publisher of the laughable celebrity mag, actually flew to America to personally investigate why new OK! boss Kent Brownridge was losing money. The magazine's flack denied this, saying they where "doing fine." Shockingly, it appears what that flack said was not entirely true, because OK! has decided to skip four issues at the end of this year:

"Skipping dates suggests it is cheaper to not publish than it is to publish.
Publishing sources estimate that its edition in the slow-moving Thanksgiving week had sold only 300,000 copies while a double issue with Michelle Obama sold about 500,000 copies. That suggests that the magazine has been missing its rate- base promise to advertisers of 900,000 copies a week."

We also heard recently that Brownridge has put a $100K cap on the amount of money the magazine can bid for its favorite things: celebrity baby pictures. That's like, what, Kelly Osbourne prices? This does not look good. [NYP]