Donald Trump is currently getting sued by Deustche Bank for refusing to pay $40 million on a loan that he personally guaranteed. He's probably having some (relative) money troubles. But none of this is his fault! Which is why he is countersuing the bank for $3 billion. It's really the least they can do to make up for their wanton persecution of Donald Trump:

They loaned him $640 million to build a huge tower in Chicago. The banks set minimum prices for the apartments to sell for. Then the economy went to hell. Now it's time for Trump to pay his $40 mil. But he says, hey, since I can't control the fact that the economy went to hell, a contract clause says I don't have to pay:

That clause has a catch-all section covering “any other event or circumstance not within the reasonable control of the borrower,” and Mr. Trump figures that lets him out, even though construction is continuing.

“Would you consider the biggest depression we have had in this country since 1929 to be such an event? I would,” he said in an interview. “A depression is not within the control of the borrower.”

Nifty! He's quick to note that the people who bought the apartments at wildly inflated prices before the crash do not have any such clause, so they better pay him or else. Oh Donald, you're a cheeky asshole as usual. So is your lawyer:


Mr. Trump is vigilant in protecting his reputation. After I interviewed him and two associates, his general counsel sent me a note saying “it was a pleasure” talking to me, and adding: “Please be assured that if your article is not factually correct, we will have no choice but to sue you and The New York Times.”