We gratuitously mocked Times columnist Nick Kristof's Twitter feed last week. But the truth is that he's in good company. Lots of big-shot media people—including many Gawker "favorites"!—have Twitters, despite the fact that Twitter is proven to destroy journalism. We haven't been paying enough attention to their various tweets about this and that. After the jump, we condense the offering of five famous media twits into bite-sized packages:

Julia Allison, fameball extraordinaire
Dominant themes: Sex, famous people, faux-exhaustion

Laurel Touby, founder of Mediabistro
Dominant themes: Uninteresting media minutiae, uninteresting life minutiae

John Dickerson, Slate political writer
Dominant themes: His kids, pithy self-deprecation, Twitter itself

Jennifer 8 Lee, NYT trend specialist
Dominant themes: Food

Bonnie Fuller, former US Weekly editor, currently only vaguely employed
Dominant theme: Sad, Jackie Harvey-like simulacrum of the editorial content of an actual celebrity magazine