Fred Thomson was a hot Republican presidential candidate for about 10 minutes at the start of the primary cycle, thanks to the former senator's Law & Order gig and the fact that he didn't seem as scuzzy as Rudolph Giuliani or Mitt Romney (not hard). He hasn't had much to do since then, except campaign inconsequentially for John McCain, try to point out Al Gore to a team of hired Serbian snipers at a presidential debate (pictured) and think about having a loser TV show like Mike Huckabee. But now it sounds like he's turning into a sad, desperate man, renting out his condo for the inauguration, instead of admiring Michelle Obama's dress like a true American.

Page Six reports the former Tennessee senator is seeking $30,000 to rent his "luxury" condo for five days. "It has a balcony overlooking the inaugural parade route, the Navy Memorial and the US Capitol, and comes with a reserved parking space," a tipster told the gossip section.

It's also probably stocked with bourbon, cigars and bitter partisanship!