It's Senator Fran Drescher

  • Fran Drescher announced a run for Hillary Clinton's senate seat, on the basis of being "authentic and honest" and "getting a bill passed in Washington." Presumably having Anderson Cooper in the tank is a plus, too. Pray she's joking. [NYM]
  • Miley Cyrus doesn't hate Annie Leibovitz for hypnotizing her into taking those salacious Vanity Fair photos where she wore only a bedsheet. "I would love to work with her again." Trollop! [via P6]
  • Aubrey O'Day, recently photographed kissing Lydia Hearst, is pretending to be lesbian again. Or, hey, maybe not! [P6]
  • Flacks "leak" anecdoates about what swell human beings their clients are all the time. But they're usually smart enough to do so anonymously. Or maybe Hal Lifson isn't getting paid by Lee Majors? [P6]
  • The Hollywood Reporter named Angelina Jolie the highest-paid actress in Hollywood, at about $14 million per film. At least you made the top ten, Jennifer Aniston! [Sun]
  • If smoking and drinking heavily is what it takes to disabuse you of the rumors about Mary-Kate Olsen being pregnant, the actress is willing to make that sacrifice. [P6]
  • Lindsay Lohan promised to MySpace blog her future breakup with Samantha Ronson. [OK!]
  • Kate Hudson is sewing Christmas gifts, because she want to show the poors how they can still afford to see her new movie, in theaters shortly. You could always see it as a matinee. She's just saying. Whatever! [People]
  • Paula Abdul is not putting her house on the market because a stalker-esque fan killed herself just down the street. She just feels like living in a gated community, all of a sudden. [Scoop]