Sorry fans of a rakish and sexually conquering Robert Pattinson. Those Facebook messages in which the swoony, lean Twilight hunk talks about bedding his costar Kristen Stewart aren't from Pattinson. Well, they are real Facebook messages, but they're not Rob's. Ben Coles, who initiated the conversation about the young Stewart, called us up and told us that while he thought he was corresponding with Pattinson at the time, he's since learned he was the victim of some chicanery perpetrated by the person known on Facebook as Randle Patrick McMurphy:

I can confirm that I am actually friends with Robert Pattinson, but I have recently found out that the person I was having a conversation with was not actually Robert Pattinson.

Duh duh duhnnnnh. The plot thickens! A mysterious vampire moon has risen high over the land. And... ugh, well actually it's just sad acknowledgment that there is some lonely soul out there Facebook-impersonating the suddenly-famous star of a silly teen movie about silly vampires and silly teens being silly in the Pacific Northwest.