· "So tell me, Brandy-girl. Did you watch your brother's sex tape?" "Ew! Tyra! No! Did you?!" "No! Well, some of it." It's funnier when you watch it.
· The woman who walked around El Coyote refilling your water glasses has left the restaurant for donating $150 to Prop 8, making the business safe for your gay-wedding-reception dollars once again. Justice is served! We're so glad the person holding this tasteful sign spoke up for all of us.
· Bettie Page is in intensive care following a heart attack.
· Catherine Hardwicke's been having a bad day, so we suppose we don't want to pile on by informing you she's also the person responsible for this monstrosity. Oops—we just did.
· The Academy reversed its The Dark Knight best original score consideration disqualification: A TDK sweep is again a possibility!
· How did they make this toy monster truck rally look so much like real life? Probably because this is real life made to look like a toy monster truck rally.