Paul Janka—the poor man's Mystery, a super-aggressive Manhattan pickup artist who's been known to get rough with unwilling ladies, may or may not have a new reality show in the works. That's what he claims in his latest newsletter—and he's looking for a wingman! You know, "one intermediate player and a true beginner, a guy who has real difficulty with meeting girls." Hey guys: do you have what it takes to be Janka's wingman? Previous activities include hanging around parks and appearing on Dr. Phil's "sad perv" segment.

I've been selected to lead a team of guys for a new reality TV show based here in NYC.

I've been asked by the producers to recruit a team that I feel best represents my methods, techniques and philosophy on picking-up women.

I scratched my head for a bit and then WHAM! it hit me - I have the perfect list of candidates, the guys who've bought [his e-book] Attraction Formula and my other stuff.

So, without delay, I'm coming to you today asking if you'd be interested in participating on my team. I will be the "professional coach" and the leader of the team, and I need one intermediate player and a true beginner, a guy who has real difficulty with meeting girls.

Let's make this into a bit of a contest. I am going out to my mailing list, which is rather large, and I imagine I'll get a strong response.

Please reply with one paragraph why you'd make a good wingman, which role you're applying for
(beginner or intermediate), things you'd like to try out in the field, and anything else you'd like me to know about your hustle.

Once the team is assembled, we'll compete against other PUA teams on my home turf here in NYC. I imagine food/lodging is provided by the production company, but I'm not positive.

I'm looking forward to your emails.

Oh, and to sweeten the pot, the two people I select (and the runner's up) will get my full product line absolutely F-R-E-E!)

To the Good Life (and may the best man win!),

Paul Janka

If the "good life" means a life of strong-armed, awkward and unfulfilling one night stands... well, then may the best man win. See you at the Gansevoort.